IMIP International Medical Imaging Products, Inc. &

CT & X-Ray Tubes
Generators, Tables, Tube Stands, and Wall Stands
Radiographic Systems
Veterinary X-ray Systems
Bennett, Continental, GE, Siemens, Philips, and Toshiba Parts for Medical Imaging, CT, and Mammo
Alphatek Automatic Film Processors for Medical and Industrial usage
Alphatek AX200 and NDE800LE (AX700LE) Processor Specifications
LCD Display Monitors, CRTs, Digital Imaging Printers, Hard Drives, and Storage Media
Mobile DR Plate, CR Plate, and Radiographic Cassette Holders
Bucky's, Cassette Trays, Grids
Cassettes,Illuminators,Motorized Viewers,Radiation Protection
AEC Automatic Exposure Controls and Ion Chambers
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